The Hidden Revolution in the Equipment Industry

The Hidden Revolution in the Equipment Industry Technology is driving a revolution in the equipment industry we can easily see: grade control, idle tracking, fault codes, autonomous equipment, electrification, etc. While the advancements are amazing and will continue to be, dealers are noticing brand differentiation becoming more and more of a challenge. In this margin-conscious

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Do the construction and heavy equipment industries lag behind the agriculture and automotive industries in digitization and modernization?

The construction and heavy equipment industries are lagging behind automotive industries in digitization and modernization and only slightly so comparing to the agriculture world.  There are many reasons why.   The Heavy Equipment and Construction Industry: An Overview Agriculture Vs. Construction Industry Automotive Vs. Heavy Equipment Industry Unique and Customized Projects Shortage of Skilled Workers

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IoT in construction

How Is IoT Changing the Construction Ecosystem?

The construction industry hasn’t been the early adopter of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. In many cases, investors and project managers are a bit wary about implementing new technology, whether that’s because of tight project timelines or uncertainties about the efficiency gain.   However, a quick look at the statistics shows that it won’t be

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What Is Telematics?

Telematics is a powerful technology that makes it possible to monitor a wide range of assets. This could include cars, trucks, heavy equipment, fleet vehicles, and more through the use of GPS and onboard diagnostics. Many types of companies are using telematics today. To get a better understanding of what telematics is, let’s look into

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What Is Fleet Management and Why Should You Care?

Fleet management has a simple definition but is a complex operation. Put simply, fleet management refers to the overall management of vehicles and equipment in the commercial sphere, performed by a fleet manager. For example, fleet management could include the leasing and financing of vehicles, maintenance, technology use, and vehicle remarketing. It refers to all

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